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Avertronics (AVIN)
Avertronics (AVIN)
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Corporate Culture

Be brave to express personal opinions and be willing to hear oppsing opinions from others’. Fully support team’s decision, effectivly prioritize team’s goals, and readily take personal responsibilities. Encourage team members to participate and engage more in the work, proactively provide assistance or knowleage sharing among with team members.
Work enthusiasm
To actively participate in various tasks of the team, and willing to give and invest for the team. To be aware of the team’s goals, having full of enthusiasm to face the challenging works.
To fully support and positiviely practice the team’s policies and willing to give feedbacks.
Positive thinking
When experiencing setbacks at work, try to stay positive attitude and thoughts to avoid affecting emotions and work performance. When facing setbacks at work, stop complainning or blaming others.
To view things and people objectively while working.
Be responsible
Learn how to thrive in spite of even your most epic mistakes, but not to blame someone else.
When encountering failure, tacle it head on and learn from your mistake.Have the discipline to put in the intense effort to achieve extraordinary results, and avoid passing the buck.
Learning and growth
Set appropriate learning goals and seek suitable learning methods for promoting excellent work ability and preventing poor work ability.
Make good use of various learning resources and growth opportunities to apply the new knowledge and skills to work.
Improve diversity in experience and skills, motivate to engage in training and learning, and put effort into sharing information and commnuication .